Wednesday, November 05, 2008

freedom of speech

A democratic right.  Right?

I made a silent vow to myself to be honest with people, sometimes too honest (lacking a sugar coating), but honest nonetheless.  I had a friendship which was on the superficial level that I ended this summer because I could not agree with their shifty morals (cheating, backstabbing, and their hate-on for the environment) and couldn't continue to worry about their actions on a full-time basis.  It felt good to be honest with this person as I only told them the truth in hopes that they would see the light and not to be just plain ol' mean.  

Today I practiced my right to 'freedom of speech' on a more open platform: a fellow blogger* had posted something that I found really offensive to me on a personal level regarding 'how to treat a man'.  It was a personal opinion and they were expecting a backlash in advance.  So, after composing myself, I typed away a few thoughts about the topic and sent it off.  I'll admit, my heart was pounding because I don't like to state opinions in a public form; I'd rather state facts.  So when the outcome from this resulted in a frenzy of comments with people agreeing/disagreeing with the sentiments of the post itself and other comments, I was happy to witness 'freedom of speech' functioning at its most basic level: the human opinion.  

Perhaps I'm feeling a bit sappy due to the outcome of last night's US Presidential Election.  Mama needs a drink. 

*Let's be honest here.  I'm not a blogger.  I have a 'blog' which I 'write on' and some people 'read' every so often, but it was started as a facet to write my feelings to no one in particular.  Sometimes I hope to educate others regarding the environment, other times I just get really baked out and want to write random thoughts about whatever comes to mind while drinking tea trying not to think about the ice cream beckoning me from the freezer.  But I am not a blogger.  Although, if someone wants to give me some free [useful] swag for my lackluster talent, I'm all for it :)


LaDitsterNo1 said...

eeek. new layout! scary at first, but kind of soothing after a while. all though...i was reading an article that said darker backgrounds use less energy? i'll try to find the source...

LaDitsterNo1 said...

oh, and i actually referred someone to your blog today. then they wanted to know how i know you...which got long and complicated...ah cfes...

Lindsay Dee said...

Interested on seeing that article.

Now the question is, I can't get beyond your nickname online and have no idea who this is. Care to enlighten me? CFES.... I'm scared.

As for the layout, I'm trying something new. Thinking of teaching myself how to nerd out a bit and make it a bit more original. That being said, it likely won't happen. I'm lazy and have ADHD fo' sho.

Stephen J. said...

ahh, freedom of speech. It can be quite the rush, can't it?

You do realise that our freedom of speech has been unparalleled during any known time throughout history. We are at the dawn of a new age, of course. They like to call it the information age. Whatever it is, it's unique, it's amazing, and it's going to be quite the trip. Also remember, that we are the last generation to have lived in the "dark ages" before the internet. Wouldn't you agree that, compared to what we've got now, the 1980's and anytime before could be considered the dark ages?

I hate to be the one to bring you down from your high; and perhaps there's no need to come down just yet, because there's nothing wrong with cautious optimism. I want to make sure you know that there are people, even now, that want to take that freedom of speech away, and will do whatever they can within their power to do so. Those who take their freedom for granted are apt to lost that freedom, or something like that.

That is the battleground I've chosen to fight in. I'm not sure I'll make a good soldier or not, but there it is. I hope that when the call to arms comes (let's hope we're well prepared for it) it will be heeded by everyone. We can't let them push us back into our caves. viva la revolution!

Allie said...

Dear Lindsay,

As I mentioned before, thanks for posting and being honest. There's nothing worse than someone who isn't honest to your face and will talk behind your back.

I'm sorry I offended you. I still feel the way I do, but I never meant to offend anyone... although I guess I should have known.

I can see why it would rub you the wrong way, especially since you and Mike are so happy, and you're both just being yourselves.

I hope you take what I said with a grain of salt.

I've just recently found out about a number of people who have been talking behind my back. And it really hurts. You never expect it to hurt so much but it does. I guess it is all just a learning experience. And that you were able to tell me something to my face makes me feel encouraged about the human race.

To be honest, I appreciate your honesty more than you know.