Thursday, November 06, 2008

no pants dance

Today is the third day this week I've worn the same pair of pants.  Grey, lovely, Club Monaco pants.  Hemmed to perfection.  I wear them so much because I love them but also, because I am broke.  November 30th is looming, student debt repayment is about to enter my life and I'm scrambling to save money. 

It's very difficult in a city like Vancouver: the people are beautiful here and are dressed to match. The Vancouver business district, especially the Coal Harbour area, is teeming with perfect women, dressed in their perfect slacks with their perfectly smoothed hair, beautiful dress jackets and fall-fashion boots to match.  This morning I must have looked like a disaster: bright yellow rain jacket, gym pants, hiking books and a garbage bag over my bookbag to keep the contents dry.  I undress at work and realize that I forgot to bring a bra and have to wear my flashy green lululemon top under my work sweater.  Not subtle.

I need to find a place to buy affordable clothing that isn't made in the 1980s that actually fits me.  That is the problem with Salvation Army shopping: you rarely find anything that fits and if it does, it was made when Aqua Net was popular.  I've been told that H&M has good prices but I'm scared of the huge crowd that is always lingering in that store.  I'm looking for some ideas, somewhere specific that I can get pants that will fit me and will last a while all for a good price.  You'll be invited to my pants party if you help me out.


Ry C said...


LaDitsterNo1 said...

I also agree with Winners, sometimes they start getting a bit pricier than anticipated.
As for the h&m pants, they are not all that great, so don't worry, you're not missing out!
This sounds very old lady-ish, but I recommend the Bay! For business clothes they actually have a great selection. Not so much for tall people like me, but definitely for your height. Unless you have grown in the year...

Emilita said...

Hey Linds!
H&M has nice stuff, fancy and comfy. For very reasonable prices. And the crowds are not that bad.
As long as you go on a week day morning, and not right in the heat of a Saturday afternoon or anything you'll be fine!

P.s. I like your blog :)