Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I feel like Margot Tenenbaum.

If I had a wooden finger, I would tap it all day, smoke cigarettes in the tub behind the locked bathroom door.

My recent phone call with UBC Health Services didn’t offer much hope:

“Hi there, I’ve been waiting to speak to a counsellor since April and haven’t heard back from anyone yet. I would like to see where I am at on the list.”

“Name and student number please”

“Lindsay MacPhee, 50055052”

“Alright Lindsay, well, we still haven’t gotten to April yet and it’ll be about another 2 month wait. But since you’re not returning to UBC in the fall, we will have to take you off the list.”

“That’s not fair, I’ve been waiting this long and don’t have another doctor to go to.”

“I’m sorry about that but there is nothing more I can do.”

“Do you ever wondering how many people have committed suicide while waiting for your service?”


“Good luck with finding another counselling service Ms MacPhee. Goodbye.”

At least on my tombstone they can write something like “She tried to get help but her University killed her.”


LaDitsterNo1 said...

1 800 668 6868

just don't tell them how old you are ;)

and don't you dare go and die...

Roddy said...

Don't go anywhere, I couldn't function in a world without Lindz! Oh and I know that these are strong words, but I FUCKING HATE UBC. And you can quote me on that.

Alissa said...

I managed to get a counselor at UBC while I was going there, and once in a session I said how the receptionist made me feel worse about myself for asking for help, and how they never have time for an appointment for me anyway, and I just felt like a huge burden to everyone.. the counselor was super apologetic and worried, and called me at home a few times a week to make sure I was ok.. Once you're in, they're a great resource. The receptionist lady just sucks.

She really should have had someone call you after you mentioned suicide, though. Or pointed you towards the suicide hotline. I'm surprised at that response.. you could totally report her.

PS. Feeling Good by David Burns. Saved my life. Literally.

Amber said...

It takes a strong woman to ask for help, and an even stronger one to get angry when it isn't available, and help change the future for others hopefully never in her shoes.