Tuesday, September 02, 2008

school's out

It didn't feel weird to be walking over the Burrard Bridge for work today as the majority of my friends were heading in the opposite direction: to UBC. Although this is the second time I've been through this (the not going back to school), the first time didn't phase me as I knew I was only taking a year off to travel and would then land on the opposite side of the country to attend a new University.

No more teachers' dirty looks. But no more fun?

However, as the minutes on the clock ticked on, I started wondering what my friends would be up to. Would Al be sitting on the front, right corner of the classroom? Would Eddie even make it to classes? And Laura.... oh wait, Laura was skipping this week to road trip. Atta girl!

My reasons for missing school this Fall are for selfish reasons. You see, I hate being left out. School kept my social calendar in check as I knew what was going on and made plans with those around me. Since my final departure from the Facebook world, it has become more apparent that I am going to have to get used to being left out. It has already begun as Mike and I were forgotten from a birthday party that happened at the beginning of last month ["Oh you didn't get the invite? I forgot that you weren't on Facebook"]. That is fine, these slips are bound to happen. But with everyone planning events with the spontaneity that surrounds University life, I can only imagine that I'll sit and wonder "What am I missing?".

I wish I could suck it up and just get on with it, but I'm afraid that it is not so easy. My imagination gets the best of me and knowing some of my [former] friends and their gossip traits, I worry if I'm the target of their chatty ways. I miss being in the know. I'm not saying that in a gossipy way, as I've just recently ka-boshed a friendship due to their talkative methods [about me, behind my back] but I really like seeing someone on a daily basis and just know that they are around.

I wonder if this will take some time to get used to or if I'll live in a life of after-school solidarity.

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