Monday, May 05, 2008


Mike and I ditched our television after the NHL Playoffs last year and haven't look back. Since then, we've become avid backgammon players, Risk specialists and recently, Scrabble connoisseurs. At least twice a week, we play Scrabble; just the two of us or with friends. As a result of this ongoing occurrence, I have decided to photo-document these games in an effort to see if our vocabulary has broadened or if we are just fooling ourselves. This is just one of my two current projects, the second is titled 'Girls who dress up in their bikinis and take photos of themselves in their bathroom mirrors then count the number of views these photographs acquire'*.

Here is the first of our documented Scrabble games:

Players: Kate, Curtis, Mike and myself
Winner: Kate!

*Of course this is completely false. Please stay tuned for next post "Self Confident vs. Full-of-One's-Self"


LaDitsterNo1 said...

what is the g above whatever doing there?

Gerald said...

better you in a bikini than me, I suppose.