Friday, May 02, 2008

greenly competition anyone?

So you've switched from plastic to cloth/recyclable bags. Congratulations!
As each one of your old light bulbs burn out in goes a new energy saver one. Fantastic!
And at every instant you are not in a room being used, those energy saver lights bulbs are flicked off. Great!

Now it is time to step it up a bit.

Human beings are creatures who enjoy rewarding themselves, especially when they think they deserve it. The great thing about the current environmental movement is that people are easily rewarded for their achievements by means of decreasing the cost of their energy bill each month, decreasing the heating bill and even (and we're all aware of this) the pride we take when we walk out of grocer with our reusable bags following someone with handfuls of plastic bags.

Human beings also don't like change if it doesn't benefit them. But I need you all to sit and think about these 3 words and the phrase that follows them:



We've got it all. And it's at our delicate fingertips. If we're out of tomatoes, we run to the store. Your bottled water is all gone? Dash to Costco. Enjoy the way your Bumble and Bumble shampoo makes your hair smell, must buy some more. But where do those tomatoes come from? Where do those empty plastic bottles go? And what happens to our waste effluent with all the laurel sulfates and methylparaben [a chemical flagged with 4 major concerns: estrogenic chemicals and other endocrine disrupters; classified as toxic; insufficient safety data; immune system toxicants (allergies, sensitization)] from said shampoo?

Here is what I want for you to do: get over yourself. Really. Baby steps are how you start the process and smaller hops are how you will perpetuate bigger and better change. Increase your awareness of the products you purchase; become a label reader. Switch shampoos for organic and all natural ones. And while lathering up, turn off the water. I know that is a biggie for most of us but there is no need to continuously waste water. If you pee, let it be. Even when friends are over because a good way to start change, is to make others well aware that it is being done. Don't be an over-consumer. Buy what you need and nothing more. Do you need that new Coach bag? Or another bathing suit? Or sweatshop jeans? Think about it. Use up your harsh cleaners and switch them for new ones; better yet - make them yourself!

Open your eyes. You can do it. And while you're at it, check out this site.


Amber said...

How are you enjoying your new toothbrush? I love the angle on these babies, favorite by far.

I'm so glad to see you've made the switch to organic/natural/SLS free shampoo's.

I often forget that people need reminders and encouragment. I've been using said products for years, but have yet to encourage someone loudly, you know?

Anyways, top notch lady and keep up the good work.

Alissa said...

Love your blog. The choices you make seem so obvious once you've made them, but I don't think I know anyone else who considers their shampoo's impact on the environment. Many of us really don't know what options are available.

I was just thinking about those silly old days when I was so proud of myself for just turning off the tap while brushing my teeth.. kwim?

Thank you for informing.