Wednesday, April 30, 2008

words of advice

As the days are slowly crossed off on the calendar, our wedding date approaches. And as each person we converse with asks about the wedding, the also add in their bits and bobs of advice. Marriage advice. With open ears, I listen, listen, listen.

"Ask yourself, 'What kind of man do I want to be?'" These words were spoken by a Prof of ours whom we both admire. In reference to the tough times, when all you want to do is take the easy road and leave, he told us to ask ourselves what kind of person do we want to be. Do you want to be that person who gave up when the going got tough or the person who stuck it out, chose love and made it through the rough patch? Without kidding ourselves, we nodded, as there will be bumps in the road which only solidify a relationship. I choose love, sticky situations and Mike forever.

"There is not one day that I haven't rolled over and been happy to see my wife's face. If you've made it more than 3 mornings of this, she is a keeper" Said by our friend's hippy-father (where we are holding the wedding), this tidbit means a lot to me. Each morning, I wake up and want to stay in bed with Mike. It's the best part of the day when you're warm, snuggly and reek of morning breath and farts. It's the closest that you can feel with a person and it is these times that you feel content. After only a week together, we both knew that this was it.

Even with the little spats, disagreements and sometimes mis-matched schedules, things always come out clean in the wash. I used to worry about these things: "Did you argue with your exes in the past?". His reply "Of course I did!". I had never been in a relationship where there were disagreements before but look where those are at now: in The Past. I look back and see that both parties were too scared to be completely honest for fear of hurt, shame, disappointment (or the guy was completely closed off and heartless - a whole other story). So I'm ready to welcome the future with open arms and mind. In my opinion, this is the key to a fantastic relationship: willingness to try new things, be scared, have fun while sharing in these things together.

[Sorry for the sappy topic today. We just got our marriage license yesterday and experienced the sappiness. Yes, I have a vagina and yes I am excited about the upcoming soiree. It's only natural...]


Chris said...

Yay for marriedness :-)

Chris said...

PS I promise not to offer any advice ;-)