Monday, April 28, 2008

one week, two surprises

First the birthday surprise on Sunday. Very unexpected, very special. Then, as I walked with my beautiful friend Amy to my friend Laura's house, (also very beautiful, also the culprit behind surprise #2) I opened the door to a 1980's rocked out Laura. What do we have here? Rounded the corner to find my favourite girlfriends dressed up to the max - 80s style. Seeing as Mike and I are having, quite possibly, one of the most untraditional weddings, it was very fitting to have an untraditional stagette party - we were heading to see Thunderstruck.

After handed my attire for the night (seriously, a size zero skirt.... what the deuce?) I was whisked into the kitchen and presented with a gift certificate from Scarlett ( Looks like Mike and I have a little shopping trip planned this week. Meeeee-OW!

I apparently, had to wear a veil:

(slight contest, but eventually I gave in). Instead of going forward with the night's details, I believe that photos are worth many many words.

Erika and I check out the hot mullets: "I wonder what they are thinking?"

Pretty much sums up the night

So much fishnet, where is Cyndi Lauper when you need her?

Like school on a Sunday: No CLASS

(There are additional photos on:

Finally, thank you to Laura, Amy, Erika, Sana, Michelle, Heather, Shona, Nicole, Amber and the peeps who couldn't make it out Jenna and Shirin. I am forever thankful for the amazing girlfriends that I have out here and am continuously blown away by these thoughtful gestures.

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