Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, my only potential job prospect got back to me yesterday. The sad thing is, that after I left my interview with them 2 weeks ago, I wasn't sure that they were right for me. The woman stared at my tattoo and appeared cold. I will admit, I am disappointed that I didn't get an offer. Some measure of self-worth. Then it would be my decision if I accept or not.

I write my final exam of my university career today and I'm going into it with a poor attitude. Not how I wanted to finish it off. On a positive note, I need a -6% to pass so my studying has been slow to progress.

The love letter:


I do apologize for the delay. I am actually out of the office for the next week after today, as well.

We have looked at our current work load and your specific skill set and I am sorry, but Jacques Whitford AXYS is not in a position to make you an offer at this time. I will certainly keep your resume on file and if something comes up I will be in touch.

I appreciate you coming in and meeting with Richard and I and I wish you all the best with your graduation, wedding, and your future.

Sincere regards

Group Leader
Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation
Practice Director
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

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