Tuesday, May 06, 2008

blogs are stupid

Upon asking my friend Tyler if he read so-and-so's blog, he replied: "I don't read blogs because they make people sound stupid".

For most, weblogs are an emotional output where they can type down a few words for their rare 0.2 readers and be on with it. Others don't have real jobs and instead, make their coin by doing product reviews and posting about it. Some share important data in the news to their readers because they have built such an enormous fan base who hang onto every letter they type that this may be the only faucet to educate their followers.

And others, well - they just sound stupid.

I'm no lyrical/grammatical/emotional genius but admittedly, I know when to stop. Some things are meant to be shared with others, face-to-face. Or not shared at all. And although you're not supposed to be able to look at a person and read them like an open book, there are some people that.... you will never 'get'. This isn't one of those 'oh wow, they are really a unique individual' situations. This is a 'they are completely fucked up and looking for attention' cause. So yes, this is harsh but it goes back to our main thought: people who sound stupid, usually are.

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