Thursday, May 22, 2008


Slight hiatus in the typing world as of late.

A brief update of the weekend's goings-on includes: Pitch 'n Putt, sitting on my patio, drinking gin, sleep. Mike arrives home, make huge chickpea curry for friends, devour it on the patio, play frisbee and rest. Monday's weather kept us inside so we watched 'Into the Wild' (a lifestyle that Mike and I want to lead, only a bit too extreme & unplanned for us) and dismantled our bed to rebuild it again with slight modifications. Decided it was time to really start evaluating our belongings, and getting rid of what we don't need or use or stuff that we acquired through past apartment mates leaving some of their belongings behind [Between Mike and I, we had a lot in that category].

Our bedroom looks completely different now. The first night we had the new bed set-up, we built a fort underneath it with pillows and blankets. Yesterday Mike finished hanging up some plant pots and the hammock. With the addition of a mat on our newly found floor space, we're all set to go.

As the days creep closer and closer (only 8-ish more to go now), a real sense of comfort sets in. I was worried that I would start worrying, get those cold toesies or be so entwined with plans that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the rush, the giddiness and the overwhelming feeling of love. Call me crazy, but over the past few days, these feelings have only intensified further. Even with the house cleaning, the bed dismantling and the general craziness, the mornings laying in bed are heavily comforting and wipe aside any feelings of 'Oh my gosh, I have to remember to do this'.

To add to the 'hiatus' heading, over the next two weeks the postings will be few and far between. A week from now will find us on Galiano Island at the Bodega Beach Estate. Very excited to relax there with friends for a few days, pound away one of the 6 kegs we have purchased and enjoy the Chouinard's lovely home-away-from-home.

Alrighty, time to wake up the sleeping giant and then scurry around running errands and preparing dinner for about 5 guests tonight. Mmm Chicken Marabella...

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Alissa said...

Have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!! Wishing you all the best. I was unusually calm the days leading up to our wedding, too - I take it as a sign that things were meant to be!! Enjoy yourselves!!