Friday, May 16, 2008

that doesn't sound like you

My tea is steeping on the counter and I'm snug in my Care Bear jammies. This is the ending to my amazing Friday and I have a feeling that myself and the cats are going to sleep like babies this evening. After spending hours doing wedding-stuff this morning, I hopped on a stuffy bus to meet up with Amy for an afternoon of just us. For the past 5 days, my gmail chat window will start with the usual "Good morning lady" and within minutes, the conversation shifts to "I want butter chicken". We made that dream a reality today at a little Indian restaurant on Robson.

We ate our thick and spicy meals slowly as we chatted about nothing and everything. The conversation shifted to talking about my blog, why I write on it and what I say. Amy commented on how it didn't sound like me, and how in real life I'm different. Happier. More silly. More positive. The truth is, I write this as a bit of an outlet; I do not like taking things out on people so I would bitch to no one at all and it let me feel that release of the particular negative emotion weighing me down. I'm really not this negative in real life. But as the number of blog readers increased from 2 people to 3 people, I realized that those who may not know me may think that I'm a moody lady who is in love with being depressed. Very untrue!

In reality, my favourite thing to do is to laugh with those around me. I love those good, gut-wrenching laughs were you almost pee yourself or that you have to cover your ears as to not hear the person laughing beside you thus exponentially escalating the laughter. I have this amazing group of friends back home whom used to live above me for two years. On Saturdays, I would wake up, walk upstairs and spend the mornings with them: playing NHL 94, listening to Ronnie James Dio and daytime drinking. We spent to much time laughing at each other's jokes that my abs were in peak form. It's simple, it's free and it makes you feel good. I love a good laugh.

So what really does sound like me? I would definitely say the sound of laughter can sum up who I am. Mix a few crude and questionable jokes in there with a little boob grabbing and you've got the full-Lindsay. It felt good to reaffirm who I am today with Amy and it's days like these that I'm thankful for BURROWS! and her amazing friendship.

To cap off our night, I leave you with a Brokeback moment of two studs setting off into the sunset. I can remember Amy and I leaving the theatre, feverishly wiping our eyes free of gay-love tears. Giddy-up.

Ride 'em Cowboy!


Chris said...

Hey Lindsay, though you might like this link. One of those environment friendly type things, should become standard in new homes perhaps?

I reckon if you ever remodel your bathroom or build your own home, this kind of concept might be something you'd be particularly fond of:

Alissa said...

I know what you mean. If anyone read my paper journal they would think I was the grumpiest most self-absorbed dork in the universe.. (I do my best not to come off like that in RL, but who knows how people see me?) I'm glad you post cheerful posts once in a while, since I probably qualify as more of an e-Friend to you at the moment. ;)

LaDitsterNo1 said...

You don't come across as moody or sad to me in your blog. It's just perfect the way it is! I totally still remember your crazier side from CFES stuff, and i think this aspect really balances out everything nicely.