Friday, May 23, 2008

my obsession(s)

Sometimes I get so stuck on doing/listening/reading/watching something over and over again it becomes obsessive. At the moment, my current song obsession is "Red" by Okkervil River. I recently acquired their entire discography and have had it on shuffle-repeat after watching a 3-song video on Pitchfork TV. I've always enjoyed the uniqueness of Will Sheff's voice, especially when paired with Julie Doiron or The Mendoza Line but aside from "Black Sheep Boy" I didn't give Okkervil River the attention they deserved.

And now they are getting that attention. Over and over and over and over and....

Secondly, when I get into a mode where I want to change something in my life that can be molded, I do my best to make those changes. My butt is currently my clay of choice and I've been taking small steps to get it into form [pun completely intended]. Each part of my daily routine that I can incorporate a tiny workout, I do so; whether it be putting away clothes (one piece at a time, squat to reach lower drawers) or flexing my butt while cooking dinner, it's always going on. So today, without realizing it, I was waiting in line at the grocers doing my flexes and reading a Women's Health article on glute workouts when the old lady behind me said 'Honey, you don't need it'. Thinking that she was commenting on the magazine I had in my hands, I said 'Oh, I'm just flipping away while waiting'. Then she pointed to my butt and I immediately knew that I had subconsciously been butt-flexing in line. I started laughing and said that I didn't realize that I had been practicing my flex-master moves and we had a good chuckle. Maybe this current obsession should be saved for home and gym practice only.

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Gerald said...

a) A Stone, off Black Sheep Boy, is my most played track in iTunes.
b) They're playing September 18, at Richard's.
c) I have a signed poster from their last tour. :p