Monday, December 03, 2007


When planning large events, a general survey of the crowd is done and the most appropriate menu is selected to accomodate all of the preferences: vegans, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegetarians and carnivores. People show up, eat their meals, leave the event satisfied and give compliments to the chef for a great meal!

Life is not like that. You can only do what is best for the majority of people out there and when a specific taste isn't satisfied perfectly, the first thing that occurs is complaints.

"They didn't cater to my specific desires - well, yeah I had a good time but where were the discoballs I specifically asked for?"

You get the idea.

There is no way to make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. It's a bitter pill to swallow and I've had it caught in my throat for a while. Things that were truly important to me (school, friends, home, etc) were taking a backseat while I was worrying and stressing for hours about Complainy McDouchebag's preference for this over that. So that is where the beginning of the end started for me.

Give me more patience (in the form of gin preferrably) and about 3 more hours in each day and I could have stuck it out. I wanted to make everything happen and was willing to work my ass off doing so. But alas, I am tired, sick, broke, punished, shunned, disrespected, and slowly falling apart.

When I read recent comments from a survey stating "The EUS should be disbanded as it is antiquated and corrupt" or "It seems most of the EUS and other fees goes to the purchasing of alcohol for student run events" I realized that the work will never be done. You will never be able to force students to read your budgets to see that hey, we DON'T actually spend our fees on purchasing alcohol or that we're actually to naive to be corrupt. Some people's kids.

I would like to send out a bunch of shout-outs in the form of 'Fuck-yous' to many people but I'll wait until January 1st when my term will be officially over.

Life isn't like a perfectly catered meal. I've had to pick the meat toppings off of pizza so that I still can eat. It wasn't a huge inconvience and I was greatful that at least there was a pizza there for me. Be greatful for those who offer their time and services to you - even if you too had to eat around the toppings - the services were offered with the best of intentions. Maybe give your compliments to the chef next time...


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