Tuesday, July 24, 2007

sans garbage collection?

Well, maybe it is time that you assess what you throw out!

On Friday it was announced that CUPE1004 has officially gone on strike. Not only does this mean that public pools are shut down but there is now a hault in residential garbage collection. Shitty - yes BUT there is something that you can do.

Much of what Vancouverites consider waste is actually organics that can be used to compost. You can head down to Cambie Street & Marine Drive (just off of it actually) and pick up your very own composter. For 25$, you can easily cut the amount of household 'garbage' you throw out into a mere fraction. [Mike and I have been composting for a couple months now and throw away less than half a bag of garbage in one week.] If you are living in an apartment, you can bring your organics here and throw them into ours. Check out vermiculture - worms accelerate the process of decomposition and will munch down on your fruits/veggies/etc and turn it into useful compost you can put in your garden/sell/roll around in (great article in the 24 today by the way).

Although this is a poor situation, (and I wonder what the streets will look like if this continues for an extended period of time) I also think that it is an eye opener for those who throw away without thought of consequence. How many cups of Starbucks do you purchase in a week? Think about those who are like you; drinking their latte and dispose of the cup without regards to where the final whereabouts of this cup will be. Make an investment, purchase a mug and bring it with you at all times. What about at the grocery store? Think about the packaging that much of your food items come in - can you choose an alternate brand/product that will cut back on the waste you output? [Sidenote: I always laugh when purchasing organic berries; mmm so juicy and delicious but what are you supposed to do with the styrfoam container that they came in? Make smart choices, become a smart shopper.]

This is all just common sense. Use yours!

And one more thing, while checking out the fireworks this year, only leave your footprints behind. I remember last year there was heaps of garbage everywhere from small-minded people tossing it carelessly on the ground. Take home what you bring with you.

Preach, preach, preach. I know - I can hear the yawns echoing.

On a lighter note, my MATH257 course is almost over which will be a huge relief to myself and one Miss Bowinn. The EUS has become a full-time (albeit, unpaid) job and I have a feeling that August is going to be consumed with enginerd planning. For those UBC engineering students out there, know this: your executive has worked long hours preparing for the upcoming year. I've never seen a group of people who are geniunely concerned about the students they serve. I can't wait to get the school year underway (although I want August to pass slowly and be saturated with sunshine and naked beach perving) and get neck deep in events & services.

What's that saying about highschool girls? I get older but they stay the same age? Gosh, now there will be a 7 year gap between myself and some of the first years. Isn't it illegal for me to come in a 3 meter radius of them? Oh dear: "Please stay behind the yellow line and tell me your academic query".

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