Thursday, July 19, 2007

baby steps

Well, the Federal Government doesn't have the junk to do it so Premiers from individual provinces have taken the stand: by 2020, provinces such as NS, NB, Ottawa & BC are aiming to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 10% less than the 1990 levels. Bravo! This will be hard hitting on industries but only initially. Soon the benefits of wasting less emissions into the air will be clear!

Now, who will be the last to join: Quebec or Alberta? [And by last I mean, c'mon, do you really think Alberta will cut back production in the tar sands - money, money, money]

So maybe that is the right approach? Smaller steps. If there is anything I've learned from computer programming or even any engineering class is that modularity is key. Breaking things down into smaller, more tangible, chunks. Change can happen this way and before you know it, you're experiencing a snowball effect with people following behind. A fine example is some of the commotion that appeared on Stalkbook 1.5 weeks ago. Mike posted a few notes almost challenging people to stop eating red meat or to 'go organic' and within 2 days, over 50 comments were made engaging enginerds from all parts of the west. People dropped their TI-83s in a heartbeat to join in the debate. Now, we have a group of 20+ genuinely interested(I'm only speaking of myself here but hope everyone has genuine intentions) people ready to get together to hash out important topics such as GMOs. Snoooooowball.

Well, back to the reality of Math 257. I know all this rain has been a bit of a downer but I've enjoyed not having to water our garden for 2 days. Always felt a bit guilty about using fresh water for irrigation. Grey water - a possible next topic? For now, I'm off to find a plastic tub to catch rainwater in. Happy days!



Wyatt said...

provinces such as Ottawa? Kewl!

She appears composed said...

Yeah, I know ONTARIO.

I suck.