Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I gotta go and you're talking in code
Saying "I know where you've been" and "I know where you go"
I've been tired from the moment I woke and I stopped listening the moment you spoke
and said I'm long gone

Yeah, I'm long gone.

And I'm sleeping alone in a house I don't own
Cos if you're touring your mind, you'll get lost everytime
You'll sing me sad songs to keep me awake in that bedroom where we hid away
Baby, I'm long gone

Yeah I'm long gone.

And your voice cracks with the like a piano you keep moving... where are you going?
Baby, were long gone

Yeah, we're long gone.

Pretty much sums it up for today/this week. Spent the day painting and you'd think I'd have something inspirational to say. I'll just let Margot do all the talking.

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