Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pavlov's Dogs

First: Happy Birfday Jenny-B.

And now onto other news: I walk/jog to work each day and definitely don't dress up for the affair. This morning, while sporting my favourite green cut-off sweatpants, I get whistles from 3 construction workers on their way to the site. Or a convention. Or a hard-hat fashion show. Don't get me wrong, at 7:30am sweating as I speed walk to work, I don't mind a nice 'holla!' but whoa - I wasn't asking for it this morning. The point: I believe that there is a knee-jerk reaction for construction workers to do this. Some sort of genetic coding that says "See the boobs. Look at the boobs. Make arousing noises and offside comments." Hear the bell, start drooling.

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