Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Temporary brain freeze lead to forgotten password

It's early in the morning. I'm sculpting my guns. Wait! I need something less threatening. I'm sculpting my kitties. Yeah....

A change-over in the E-blogger system a few months ago managed to swirl my brain and I was therefore unable to attain access to my precious blog. Albeit only filled with 6 mere posts, I felt as if it were going somewhere.

I'm presently in the middle of organizing a Charity Concert in March. Things were going well until, as usual, the engineers got bumped from the venue due to a double-booking mishap. Right now I'm playing around with dates, trying to make things work for everyone!

I was going to sit and bitch about something, my rant to the inter-weeeeb and no one, but to be honest, I am a very lucky girl at the moment. Aside from the usual stresses of school and day-to-day mishaps, oh, and the never-ending feeling that my feet are planted deep in my travelling shoes - things are good. As long as the past stays in the past, things will remain good.
Oh insecurities!

Much love to the peeps!


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