Wednesday, November 12, 2008

otis redding is one of my favourite things

I'm okay with being unimpressive, I sleep better. - Peter Sarsgaard, Garden State.

I've been thinking about that quote a lot lately.  

My counter on gmail tells me that there are 43 days left until Christmas.  FOURTY-THREE.  I remember when it said 86 days.  Amy and I were making excited hand motions at our desks and then would talk about everything and anything Christmas.  I turned up the Boney M at work and even threw a couple Christmas CDs on at home.  Mike, a usual Scrooge McDuck, has even hung my stocking up by the computer as he now realizes how much I LOVE Christmas.  While I don't have the decorations to pull out a full Christmas Town, I do have the luxury of visiting one while enjoying all the fixins [read: rum, eggnog, rum and Djarums].  Today I downloaded over 200 Christmas songs which I will stick on repeat for the next 43 days and perhaps longer.  There is always a depressing period after the holiday is over and I need to ween myself off the Christmas 'spice' in the air.

Christmas Town chez Burrows!

This will be my second Christmas away from home and the first one where Mike and I will celebrate the holiday by ourselves.  As a married couple.  With a real tree.  With cats.  Get excited! And nervous.  

I've slowly begun to accept that I have to let go of the traditions I had back in NS with my family there yet begin some of my own out here.  However last year, my father being the creative man that he is, sent me two packages with instructions on how to open them.  Upon opening the first one I knew what he was up to: he sent me all the ingredients, including 2 cups, to make ceasars! [There is nothing wrong with partaking in some Christmas Ceasars at 8am in the morning.  It's the Scotian in me] 

I know that traditions should come natural but I want to make this Christmas very special for myself and Mike.  I need some suggestions; got any?

I fucking love this holiday.

On the otherhand, I want one of these.  Just a small price tag of $4000.00 but you will shit yourself once you read all the benefits.  Literally.    

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