Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bah hum-buggar

No money.  Little decorations.  No presents.  Maybe a stocking.  Maybe.  

My Christmas tree this year:

I know, I know.  It isn't about the presents, it isn't about the material things.  It is about comfort, loved ones and simple moments.  But I was just hit with the blunt stick of reality that we can't afford Christmas this year.  Thank goodness I was able to get my family's gifts to them already but that was it.  I hope that I have some 'Christmas scotch' up in the cupboard to ease this Grinchy pain.


Allie said...

But you know what, it's your first Christmas with Mike as your husband and getting to be together and that is totally invaluable! :) You have a lot more happiness than most people, that's for sure.

Alissa said...

It's a different kind of pain when you can't afford to give, as opposed to when you can't afford to purchase something for yourself. I understand both. This year, although we can spend more than $3 per kid like we did last year, I am still sad because I can't give a big sum to the food bank like I had wanted to. Money sucks shit on SO many different levels!!!

I'm glad you were able to give to your family. That's really what matters most!

I hear the river runs free with scotch in Christmas Town that's only a short drive away.. meetcha there!

PS. On an unrelated note, that was an incredibly honourable thing you did yesterday. I'm sure you've banked some major karma points. :)

Lindsay Dee said...

Thanks guys! I'm excited for it all but Alissa you're right: it's a different kind of 'pain'. I don't like the limitations that having zero cash sets.

Meet you guys at Christmas Town!