Wednesday, October 08, 2008

this is crazy

Tonight while I was reading up about harvesting weed (out of curiosity of course!), I came across this website that sells seeds.  As I was reading up about the different strains, I came across this explanation:

"It took first prize in the 2003 High Times Cannabis cup, and boasts a monster THC content and massive yields up to and beyond 700 to 900 gm/sqm.  With 26% THC, this is the most popular haze strain available.  Powerful creative high and a delightfully smooth stoned feeling.

Update: September 21st, 2008: I am the owner and just smoked some of my newest Hawaiian Snow, it is not a smooth controlled buzz at all, I am completely out of my mind.  It's racing so fast I have never been this high before, Oh My God, I swear it's laced (I know it's not cause I grew it!)But seriously, I've NEVER EVER felt this messed up before.  This buzz is nothing like smoking pot.  I can't believe this, wow I am talented."

That is probably one of the funniest things I've ever read.  Gotta love people who test their product!

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