Wednesday, October 08, 2008

love you forever

Mike is on vacation for 3 weeks, with his 2nd week being spent in my home town of Shubenacadie.  His initial plans included a camping trip with Rod, Nova Scotia with me then back home to spend the week doing yoga everyday.  Those plans changed as Rod became sick and couldn't do the trip with him.  Mike being the lax guy he is, took it all in stride and has spent the last 3 days of his vacation cleaning the apartment.  I came home from work on Friday, late due to over-socializing, and was greeted by my smiling husband.  

"Sit sit"

He poured me a glass of wine and served me a lovely dinner of fish, baked potatoes, muscles to start and a lovely tomatoe sauce.  I was so thankful to have a person in my life who would so this for me.  The weekend passes and Monday rolls around.  We talk a couple times on the phone while I am at work, I'm wishing I was home with him, and he says to make sure I hurry home so that we can vote.  I arrive home to find supper ready again - a soup that I had made in the early summer, served with spinach, mushrooms and elk.  Whoa.  I clean up, we head out to vote and then come back home to wait for the 8:30pm yoga class.  Tuesday, I receive a call from Mike and he sounds out of breath.  Turns out he spent the previous hours taking everything out of the livingroom, steam cleaning the carpet twice and then cleaning every single item as they were placed back into our room.  I rush home to help Mike out and find that again, he has prepared supper for me.  This time, veggie lasagna prepared with our organic vegetables.  Really? Was this happening to me? Absolutely bliss.

I could gush on and on about how fantastic  Mike it to me, but what makes him an even better person is how well he treats those around him.  The Kelowna trip last month was the first time that Mike had been with 'the crew' in full force.  Mike walked away from that trip with 5 gold stars: cooking nachos late at night, random snacks throughout the day, helping Rod out with supper, spent heaps of time cleaning the house up, and offered up as many safety meetings as possible.  I could tell that everyone thought he was a gem; something I already knew but was confirmed repeatedly.

We've been together for only a couple years now but every moment has counted.  The happy times are my happiest, there has been passionate anger followed by passionate doin' its; ups and downs and ups again.  Mike has stuck through some of the most difficult times I have faced in my lifetime, all with a hug, a smile and little pats on my bum.

I love you my SB.  Every morning I wake up, I am thankful that you are laying there beside me. Stinky morning farts and all.  xoxo

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