Thursday, October 23, 2008

new music and some oldies

I'm always listening to music.  As soon as I wake up, during my long walks to work, whilst at work, on my walks home, and.... well, you see the trend.  Thanks to the likes of online radio programs such as CBC Radio 3 and KEXP I always have my ears perked when new music comes on.  I wanted to share some of the latest bands/albums I have been listening to lately and think that, sure, maybe you would like to have a listen to as well.

1. Parts & Labour - Receivers 
2. TV on the Radio - Dear Science [SRSLY, get this album.  I doubt you can imagine, but it is better than Return to Cookie Mountain.  Check out the tracks Dancing Choose or Golden Age]
3. Fleet Foxes - Check out the track Ragged Wood and go from there.  Such a lovely country feel to them that sounds like a mix of The Acorn and Wilco.

At the moment, I'm constantly listening to Matt Mays & El Torpedo in preparation for this weekend's gong show at The Commodore.  In addition to MM&ET, Band of Horses has found its way back onto my playlist with 'Never gonna love you' stuck on repeat.  I'm debating whether or not to check out the FemBots next Thursday at the Railway Club however we're already lined up to see Citizen Cope next Tuesday at the Vogue Theatre.  Then of course The Dears are playing November 7th (with Secret Machines - YES!) and more shows already lined up in the new year.

How am I going to afford to eat with all these shows coming up?

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Stephen J. said... is my favourite radio station. check it out, if you haven't already. They're always playing different styles, so check it out and check it again.

Doesn't matt mays rock though? Great stuff. Haven't got the latest album yet though, unfortunately.

Enjoy the shows! Wish I could rock out with ya.