Wednesday, August 13, 2008

goals et al.

I don’t know what I’m doing in life. I’m sure no one does, but for me, this revolves in and out of my thoughts each hour.

Yesterday’s ideas: I need to invent something, be creative. Mike suggested capturing and storing electrical energy from lightening. Then the design of solar cells – well, efficient solar cells came up. I email my friend Kevin, the solar cell guru, to discuss. I need to do some inspirational and motivational work. Something that massages the brain.

Today’s ideas: I like my job, it isn’t that bad. I just need to be challenged. Right. Five minutes later, I am reading up about developing countries and what they need and how I could deliver it to them. Five minutes later I am reading my Spanish book to try to remember what I have forgotten from last week’s lesson.

Tomorrow’s ideas: Who knows?

This much I know is true:
  • I want to organize a giant game of Duck-Duck-Goose to be played at Kits Beach
  • With the help of Kate, I want to play a week-long game digital scavenger hunt game where we take photos to complete tasks on a list.
  • Organize an International Dinner Club night to take place every 2 weeks or so. Couples (or, well, Tyler too) would cook main entrée(s) from a country at their house. Other folks would bring drinks/desserts/appetizers from the same country. Everyone eats. Everyone wins!

So now I’m back to where I started. Stupid ideas, no goals; running on the perpetual hamster wheel.


Amy said...

Bonnie and Chad used to do IDC in Victoria and there have been talks to start it over here.

Lindsay Dee said...

Neato. I think we're going to do it with Kate and Curtis and a few other folks! Mostly to take advantage of Kate's amazing cooking skillz.

Alissa said...

Hmm. Solar cell design and giant duck-duck-goose? I think you're plenty creative.