Friday, December 05, 2008

every person

Rediscovered John Frusciante last night on my walk home from the massage therapist.  It's been a while since I threw one of his albums on however, last night I scrolled past his name on my Zune and thought that I'd give him a whirl.  

Most people know the entire life story of Anthony Kiedis through his book 'Scar Tissue', however John has battled his down demons as well.  He was addicted to heroin and would spend weeks at a time, reclusive, in his own home.  John's drug addiction tore his body apart and he eventually had to replace all this teeth and turn his life around.

"I saw death in everything around me.  And everything was beautiful represented everything that was sad, lost and gone.  I was very confused.  I got it in my head that stardom was something that was bad and evil.  If you were a rock star,  you were trying to put people on"

I would suggest that if you are a RHCP fan and haven't listened to John's solo material, you definitely should.  The tracks 'Carvel', 'Every Person' and 'Time Goes Back' are, in my humble opinion, the strongest songs from the album Shadows Collide with People.  It mixes John's massive talent with a more laid-back sound than most RHCP albums.

Every Person - John Frusciante

You take me by the hand
A hands all I feel right now
It's all I am
It's all that I am
You think that I'm a man
I beg to differ
For I am her as much as I am me
You know tis moment in time
Is all my life
Everyday is each day that's passed
Every person alive is everyone who's died

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