Tuesday, October 07, 2008

terminal romance

The Matt Mays & El Torpedo concert is coming up in less than 20 days but the anticipation has been building since at least mid-August.  The new album, Terminal Romance, is the most put-together album that Matt Mays has released with El Torpedo to date.  In a recent interview, he said that he is completely happy with the final product and couldn’t wait to get it out the door and to be shared with the world.  I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, many feel the same.

Amy: (p.s. I'm listening to the new Matt Mays and am VERY excited about the FAT CREW we'll have at the show)
me: Laura and her friends are going too!!
Amy: it's going to be HUGE
our crew, your crew, tom's crew
I'll be running around drunk going "I know you! I know you too! And you!"
me: You need to learn the slow part of Terminal Romance
Mike and I made that pact last night
to sing it LOUDLY

Amy: oh i got it DOWN

me: working on it now

Amy: I hate the beginning of that song though
but the rest of it is great
me: I KNOW
me too
but that slow part
it's gotta be LOUD
Amy: I am going to be drunk.
of course

It’s going to be a great show with heaps of friends, drinking and of course, the East coast music that I love so much.  Pick up the album and I guarantee that after one listen, you’ll pick up some tickets for the show and join our swarm at the Commodore on October 25th.


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Amy said...


"I'll be drunk, of course."

....self burns are awesome.

Yay Oct 25!!!