Wednesday, October 01, 2008


We purchased a lottery ticket today. Sat down and thought of 3 numbers each; careful thought might I add.

With the lottery ticket season in high at the moment, it is difficult not to think of what you'd do with your winnings. My dreams of burning my student loans to a crisp and then quitting my job would come true. As would buying property very far away to begin our sustainable community. This got me in a fuzzy world where as I practiced my Spanish tonight, I was imagining using the language in a hot Latin American location; ordering food, drinks and ice cream for all my friends there with me. It could have been the lottery or it could have been the weed.

I've had 5 oranges sitting on the counter for the past week which I have been meaning to take to work so I could juice them. We have a manual juicer in our office an I've never tasted such good juice in my life.

Mike and I are attending an NHL pre-season game tomorrow night. One of the 'chaps' at work gave them to me as he left for the UK today and couldn't make it. My first thought was to ask Tyler to go with me as he has already taken me last season and this season, I get to choose which game I want to see with him (after his sister of course). But then, I realized that this will probably be the only chance that Mike & I will get to attend a game together, as neither of us has the money to go, so I'd better ask him. Pretty stoked to check it out and not see Luongo wear the 'C'.

RyBear sent this video to me. It's pretty much the best thing ever:

Only in Kitamat will something like this happen.

We are voting at the advance polls this weekend (back to NS next week!) which gets me thinking about the election in general. Does anyone else notice that the back-and-forth slander between parties has accelerated to a level that rivals the US? [On a much tighter budget of course] I'm sure it is obvious to most of you that I'll be voting Green but it wasn't a snap decision. I wanted to learn more about the Liberals and the NDPs so I read a little of their platforms. Why didn't I read anything about the Conservatives? Because I'd rather eat my cat's poo than vote for them. Good to see heaps of environmental changes being promised and that major polluters will pay. But goodness gracious, all of the bickering back and forth makes me wonder if we're about to elect a 14 year old a our Prime Minister! I'll be voting Green all the way; some say they are a bit too radical but I believe that without radical action, we will be throwing our country into the gutter sooner than we'd like.
Well, those are some random thoughts for today. El pez es blanco.


Anonymous said...

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Lindsay Dee said...

Who the deuce leaves a comment like above?