Monday, September 22, 2008


A couple days after my student loan sob story, a friend of mine told me that she had some clothing she was giving away as her and her boyfriend were moving.  Mike and I showed up at Ryan & Shona’s new pad on Saturday to help them move out of their old apartment and into their new one [side note: the Kits Klub is complete as almost all of our friends live in a 10 block radius from us.  Mike and I walked to work this morning in a very good mood as we discussed how awesome it was to have friends in our neighbourhood].

Shona surprised me with a HUGE bag of clothing that she would be giving away to the Salvation Army, after I rummaged through it, of course.  Item after item, I squealed with excitement.  I had just said to Mike that I would switch to thrift store shopping instead of the pricey downtown shops in order to cut back on clothing expenses (I am in need of some warmer clothing as my favourite season approaches).  I came out with some beautiful long sleeve Club Monaco shirts, heaps of clothing that I can layer and even a Lacoste knitted sweater.  I arrived to work this morning and changed from my sweaty clothes into a full Club Monaco outfit.  I feel like a million dollars today.

Thank you Shona for these amazing gifts.  They came at the perfect time and I feel (and look) fantastic! You're a star! xo

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