Saturday, July 19, 2008

a new kind of love

"There's a light, and it's showing me a piece of love
And I'll be holding the hands
And if you go, then I'll go and we'll all go together
And there's children covered in dirt
With songs from above
And they went out looking for a new kind of love"
-"A New Kind of Love" - Plants & Animals

I don't believe that there is a definition for the word love. How do you define a feeling when it is subjective and relative?

I arrived home yesterday to receive a treat from Mike who had just left for Ft McMurray. Something so simple, so silly and even unacceptable to a few but it's a little sentiment to say that he loves me. In his own way.

Our new kind of love.

"Like a child, we get hungry and restless and wicked and wild"

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