Sunday, June 22, 2008


It's no secret that I've been in University for a long time. Since 2000 (with a year off to travel to Australia) I have attended university on both coasts. Today, I began looking into how much my loan payments are going to be and immediately started to shake as I pressed the sticky numbers on my calculator. As of today, June 22nd 2008, I owe 80,618.40$ in student loans.

*vomit #1*

For the most part, I hate Vancouverites [this excludes my lovely group of friends I've made here who, as it goes, are mostly from the Island]. I'm really sorry for the harshness but if you fall into one of these categories, you can eat a dick:

1. Vancouver drivers who received their license from a cereal box
2. Asians who walk arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm down a busy street when work gets out
3. People who don't give up their seats on the bus for seniors, disabled, and/or pregger folks
4. Those who have given up on saying 'Please' and 'Thank you'
5. People who do not hold the door open as you're following a split second behind
6. The whole 'I work downtown and therefore I am a soulless being' attitude - seriously, smile for Heaven's sake
7. And finally, those who do not show courtesy for drivers trying to turn across a busy street and giving them the go-ahead

This city lacks common courtesy and it blares out at me every day now. For the most part, my early walk to work is tolerable. I wear my comfy pants club, pop on the iPod and turn up the Wolf Parade. Once I get downtown, I veer off Burrard to avoid any of the nonsense mentioned above. On the way home from work is a different story. I have a hard time enjoying my walk, even with John K. Sampson singing into my ears, that I just try to sing along with my iPod to make it more tolerable. I miss Halifax. I miss people who can drive (manual transmissions, nonetheless) and people who smile. I miss saying your P's & Q's and having the door help open for me, even if they wait for 5 seconds until I catch up.

*vomit #2*

Lola threw up her entire breakfast meal this morning, barely chewed. She was such a glutton that she ate it so fast that she skipped chewing it and went straight for the swallowing. So, in the middle of cooking my own breakfast, I cleaned up cat barf. It was a lovely Monday morning.

*vomit #3*

Tum home soon Mike. KTHXBAI.


Anonymous said...

Even worse is Whole Foods on a Saturday when you are hungover and a botox fake boobed bitchazoid from hell with a basket full of probiotic pills and colon cleansers pretends we don't exist in the line-up. We almost beat her to death with our organic baguette.

Alissa said...

+1 to Robert!

I think people smile in North Van.. I remember being shocked when I moved here from Kits.

Get Well soon Lola!

Lindsay Dee said...

Thanks guys! I was thinking I was the only one who felt like this and a bit snobbish about my affinity (we'll call it homesickness) for Nova Scotia folks.

Looks like I am going to have to move to North Van. Move over Pan-Pan, Lindsay is sleeping over. ;)