Saturday, June 07, 2008

listen, listen, listen, listen

don't talk put your head on my shoulder
don't talk put your head on my shoulder
don't talk and let me hear your heart beat
-Elk City, 'Summersong'

Yesterday afternoon, I met BURROWS! downtown to check out what everyone has been talking about for the past week (well, besides our wedding of the century - haha): the Sex & The City movie. This isn't a post about the movie, my thoughts on the plot, the ending, etc. There are enough of those on the internet already. It's about the one thing that people need to do more to avoid many of the problems we deal with in life, and from what I saw yesterday, on the silver screen: we need to listen more.

Much of the drama that happened in the movie could have been avoided if someone would have taken a deep breath in and listened. I made a vow to myself almost 3 years ago when my then best friend and I moved in together to become a better listener. JP had a lot of amazing things to say and I felt that I never wanted to miss out from someone who, I felt, I had heaps to learn from. I am a better person for it but as an imperfect human being, I slip up. But what makes what I have to say more important than another? [Note: unless it is 'Look out for that falling piano!'] Not much.

We are so obsessed with hearing our own voices and having our opinions heard that we forget that conversations are a two-way street. I'm not talking about the regular East coast banter about the weather and last night's hockey game but deep, heart felt conversations where you must intently listen in order to understand how the other is really feeling. Even then it isn't necessary to say something. My advice for being a good listener is to be aware of what you're doing and what that person is really saying. Then, when it is your turn to pipe up, pause for a moment before you speak and think for a moment. Think before you speak; your Mumma has always told you so.

[I'll have a post up soon about 'The Life of Lindsay' with updates, some wedding/party chat and just regular this-and-that. Currently deciding about what to do with my wedding dress since I am in the market where a size 2 dress should sell like hotcakes but looking at having it locally hand dyed and shortened. Off to read up about Clinton backing out out her presidency campaign... QQLF?]

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