Thursday, May 15, 2008

random to the max!

I'm in a giddy mood at the moment although Mike just left about 2 hours ago to head back to Ft McMoney after getting home from there after midnight this morning. Just goes to show how much those Oil Sands folks have to blow.

The great thing about having real friends (fo' real-real, not fo' play-play) is that you can be honest. I've been in a major slump lately and not feeling like myself. Fortunately, one of my realest friends (the one I have make sexy time explosion with) told me to chin up and I'm ready to grin and bear life.

I updated my 'About Me' section to better reflect where I'm at in life. Of course, I'm still all those other adjectives and verbs that I typed before, but I added a bit more. I could have wrote a lot. Like about my love for hockey. And how I talk to the cats in the mornings when I'm laying in bed. But those are the quiet times and I hold them near and dear.

I took out my nose hoop and replaced it with a stud. Although I don't quite feel myself with the stud, I think that it is a little move to make those in the Engineering world a bit more happier that I conformed. Just a little.

Today, Green Earth Organics delivered 3 green peppers in our box. THREE. "What am I going to do with three green peppers?". Looking at this as a challenge, I ate one raw and cut another one up and threw it into a stir fry. This week's box came with 2 mangoes and I cannot wait for them to ripen up so I can devour them.

My phone just rang and I received an invite to another one of Kate and Curt's classic games night. I love these nights where the baked-out crew takes on the sober crew. Just like the Risk games we play and the Scrabble and the Perudo and...

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks for my family to arrive, for friends from near and far to arrive and then for us all to convene on Galiano Island for our little soiree. Even with the no-jobbie situation, things in my life are great; I let the one negative thing cloud and weigh down the great, and fortunate things I have going on around me.

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