Monday, April 21, 2008


After last weekend's surprise of a new bike, I had zero expectations for ANY birthday goings-on. I suppose that was why I was shocked beyond belief when I arrived back to my apartment yesterday afternoon to find it filled with those I love.

Amelia Burrows (aka Auntie Amy, Animal Amy, BURROWS! and various other akas) and my lovely boyfriend snuck around my back for a while to plan this party and I couldn't be more happier. I really don't have much to post today (damn studying) but wanted to share this video of my reaction and some photos from the day (all credit Amy Burrows).

When I moved to Vancouver, I never thought I would find friends like the ones I had left behind in NS. I am forever thankful for (awkwardly) meeting Amy and developing a bond like the one we have. She forever shows me that good people actually do exist even when I am undoubtedly cynical and full of non-love. Love you Amy-B.

And now for the nominees...

L-Train! Woot woot!

La fin. peas/xo

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