Monday, April 07, 2008


All teenage girls dream of popularity when they are in their highschool years. You want to be popular (at least somewhat), date a cool guy, be the alpha feMALE, be the Prom Queen. As we grow older, this view tends to shape and shift away from its original form to a matured 'be a podium speaker' a 'project manager' and a doer. Break from the mould! Be somebody.

As my final year winds down, I find myself reviewing and assessing who I want to be in the future. These past few weeks in my Earth & Ocean Sciences course we've talked about personal sustainability and what it really means to achieve it. Again, not in a checklist form but full circle. I've spent the last decade + wanting to be somebody and break from the pack. Not so much in the workplace but moreover as a human being in general. But as I look around and apply Dr Kurt Grimm's teachings to my everyday life, I am fully aware that this sort of lifestyle is not one of that perpetuates, maintains and regulates sustainability. In order to perpetuate and even accelerate (if that is even possible) sustainability, we must get over our own individuality and start living as a community - like that of our ancestors. You work together, make decisions together & live together

It's no longer cool to shop at Holt Renfrew. It's no longer cool to own a BMW. It's no longer cool to fuck rockstars. It's no longer cool to contribute to the problem.

It's no longer cool to be popular.

I don't want to be popular.


Alissa said...

I like the words 'Personal Sustainability'. Gonna work on that.

She appears composed said...

Personal Sustainability = Authentic Abundance. It perpetuates health and beauty and creates no lasting ugliness. It is a way of being.

Whoa, I need a bongo drum and some granola ;)