Thursday, April 17, 2008

15 minutes of fame

The world works in mysterious ways.

Yesterday I asked Mike if it was in our budget to attend the Sustainable Living Expo this weekend. After deciding that 'Yes, we can afford this' I received an email from a representative at Zipcar who was giving away 25 pairs of free tickets to people who answered the question 'Name one of the exhibitors who will be at the EPIC Expo'. I immediately replied (my answer was BYOB) and 15 minutes later I received a nice congratulatory email saying that we won these tickets. YES! Freebies!

After a long morning of term paper crunching, my afternoon started off with a phone call from that same representative from Zipcar. She had asked me if I would be interested in a phone interview from someone from CanWest about the subject called Urban Deserts. There is little on the internet about this subject but in brief:

An urban desert is a term used to explain the city sprawl and difficulties of living in a city where it may be difficult to do such simple things as get groceries or run errands without a reliable mode of transportation.

So you can see where Zipcar fits in.

Approximately 30 minutes ago I returned home from an hour-long photoshoot with a professional photographer and a Mini Cooper. We toured the city taking photos which included action shots (my driving, his shooting) and even beach shots (along Jericho Beach with the city in the background). Starting tomorrow, this article and photographs will be found from coast to coast in all CanWest newspapers. In Vancouver that is The Sun and The Province and back home in NS, The Chronicle Herald.

I love the idea of the article and cannot wait to hear how it turns out. Admittedly, I am excited to see the photos as well so that I can show my grandcats how cool I was back in my glory days.

Update: Here is the photo used in the paper. Kind of a big deal? Not so much

The article ran today in the Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star and Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. Will be running more over the weekend/early week. Article here.

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