Thursday, March 13, 2008

small hands, smells like cabbage

If there were ever a reason why Canadian engineers were more amazing than, well, all other engineers from across the globe, it would have to be because of the Iron Ring. The Iron Ring is a symbolic ring worn by many Canadian Engineers (Wiki, 2008) and is optional and not required to practice engineering.

Let's be honest here: what engineer wouldn't want one? It's terribly blingin', made out of fashionable SS-304 (methinks) and for the daring - it is a portable bottle opener. Students in their final year of engineering attend the symbolic Ritual Calling of an Engineer ceremony where a bunch of old guys say a few words and push the ring onto the pinky finger of your working hand. Great success. Adult beverages follow.

I've had a lot of difficulty in the past when it comes to hand-jewelry. My hands are, for lack of better terms, small like baby fists. The ring sizing kit made it to CHBE and I started at 4. Nope. 3+. Nope. Next. Until I got down to size 1. Seriously, who has size 1 fingers? Coincidentally, a few days later, Mike and I were fitted for our bands: No possible way of saving some cash on the pre-fabricated rings. Lindsay's got a size 4 ring finger and, "Sorry, we don't sell rings that small" was the typical response.

This time next week, I will be terribly hungover but if all goes well, I will be sporting my Iron Ring. So close to the end, I can taste it. And me and my baby fists will be air-pumping, RyBear style until the wee hours of the morning.

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