Saturday, March 08, 2008

it's called grieving Lindsay

I didn't know what I was going through. I felt like I indeed was going crazy. I felt distraught, angry, sad, fed-up and so many more mixed emotions that I couldn't even identify.

'Why don't people care?' & 'How do you make them care?' are the two common questions I ask myself and others. The answer that yelps back is that 'People are too busy to care and the environment is not a priority'.

A recent survey done by some trashy magazine asked women 'What is one of the most important characteristics when looking for a man?'. Do you know what one of their Top 5 answers was???

A man who cared for the environment.
["Yeah baby, I love Mother Nature, wanna go fuck in the leaves?"]

I was truly happy to read this, but as I looked around, I felt as if I were being lied to. Where are all these people? Where are their actions? Cos let's be honest, environmentalism is a combination of actions and state-of-mind. Follow through. MOVEMENT.

Which brings me to where I am now: completely frustrated. Vancouver is a frustrating city to live in. Especially when you are utterly and fully submerged in Sustainability & Environmental practices. Here are some lovely points for you to chew on about our Hypocrite City, Vancouver, British Columbia:

1. Only 25% of apartment buildings recycle and 50% of single-family homes recycle. This doesn't mention whether or not they recycle properly.

2. Vancouver collects a limited number of plastics to recycle. Nova Scotia (yes, I am completely biased for mentioning my home province) for example, will collect plastic bags for pick up (as long as they are labeled) AND collects milk cartons for recycling.

3. Compost-what? Now that we can no longer rape Native land for landfill purposes, Vancouver has decided to shift to a composting plan. Excellent. You're only, once again, light-years behind other places such as Edmonton and Halifax. Halifax workers rummage through compost to ensure that people have followed the rules before dumping the organic matter into their trucks. Not done properly? I letter is left so that you can correct your poor habits and you're given another try next week. Oh, and this has been going on for a decade. Step-it up Vancouver!

So perhaps you can see my frustration. Sure, your trendy 'Fuck Plastic' bags are nice and it's a great message - but are YOU practicing what YOU preach? For now, I've decided to start focusing on authentic abundance at home. I'll grieve some more, maybe one last 'Hurrah!', one last rally, one last meeting and then I'm throwing in the towel.

I cannot spend the rest of my life completely devastated by the actions of the ignorant.

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